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Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Radar Sensor For Raspberry Pi 3


Umain Inc. founded five years ago has succeeded this February in mass production of ultra wideband (UWB) radar module, which is the core material of the 4th generation industrial revolution. They dramatically lowered the price of UWB radar module sample kit through system-on-chip (SoC) technology and have launched a new UWB radar sensor – HST-D3 development kit that integrates Raspberry Pi3 to provide developers with a upgraded development environment to make new Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The new product, HST-D3, combines a specific development platform called Raspberry Pi3 with a radar module based on the HST-C1R main chipset that implements a high-resolution radar that transmits and receives an ultra wideband (WMB) impulse. Developers will be able to develop their radar products that they have had in mind in more supportive environment. It is used either alone or in conjunction with other devices through the provided interface. The product configuration also includes software such as libraries and firmware for distance detection, human detection, vehicle detection, respiration detection, intrusion detection, etc..

HST-D3 processes Radar Raw Data transmitted to PC through Raspberry Pi3 with user-coded Algorithm or Algorithm provided by Umain Inc. Because it communicates through Raspberry Pi, it is possible to perform various communication such as wired communication using LAN and wireless communication such as wireless LAN and Bluetooth.

“The HST-D3 enhances the convenience of development by interlocking the Raspberry Pi3 with the UWB radar sensor module, which has good performance of detection in harsh environments such as darkness and dirt” said Umain’s Sales Team. Umain’s radar sensor module boasts ultra-high reading speed for rebounded impulse signals, the company said, and comes with a radar signal processing software that can read bio-signals such as heartbeats and breathing. It can also detect objects in various difficult terrains and environments.


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