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Raspberry Pi merges with CoderDojo


The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a merger with Irish computing charity The CoderDojo Foundation in order to bring easy access low-cost computing skills to “give many more young people all over the world new opportunities to learn how to be creative with technology,”  Philip Colligan, CEO of the Raspberry Pi Foundation wrote in a blog post announcing the merger. It’s presently being described because the largest world effort to get the younger technology acquainted with the latest computing and digital applied sciences.

Commenting on the merger, Philip Colligan, chief government, Raspberry Pi Basis stated:

Coderdojo is one of the most important global movements that helps young people to learn how to be creative with technology. I saw with my own eyes the enormous impact Coderdojo has already had, and I’m very happy that we join forces to bring the power of computing and creativity to young people.

The CoderDojo Foundation will continue as an independent charity, based in Ireland. Nothing about CoderDojo’s brand or ethos is changing as a result of this merger. The merger won’t mean that kids will only be taught how to program on Raspberry Pis either — they will still be able to code on whatever platforms are available. The combined entity aims to quadruple the number of CoderDojos worldwide to 5,000 by the end of 2020 and have a reach of 185,000+ young people across 100 countries.


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