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PiTunnel – Secure Remote Access to Your Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi , the world’s smallest functional computer , can now work more closely with the outside world. Developed as a side project by a developer named Dimitri Raftopoulos, PiTunnel is an application that allows you to access your Raspberry Pi from anywhere you like and customize it as you like.

With a few commands on your own Pi, you can access your little computer through a terminal or the Web . A unique feature includes the ability to display a command prompt from your browser. According to the PiTunnel website, it only takes one command to configure remote access, and once you have selected the network service through which you want to access your Pi (SSH, VNC, HTTP, FTP, etc. .), you can access all your projects from the PiTunnel website or a remote terminal.

This idea is not unique, but the creator of PiTunnel, Dimitri Raftopoulos, points out that most remote access applications focus on remote terminal access, while PiTunnel will create a tunnel with the remote terminal. this. For novices, this means that you can access any network service running on your minicomputer without having to multiply the more or less complex tasks to configure it. No router configuration, static IP addressing or VPN to do. It is a turnkey service!

The downside is that it isn’t free. Not if you want to do anything serious with it anyway. At least, not if you want to completely secure things. The free option limits you to a device, a custom tunnel, and a 100 MB / day transfer limit. The standard $ 5 / month option allows you to use two devices, four custom tunnels, a 200 MB / day transfer limit, and lets you name your tunnels. The highest offer, $ 15 / month, allows you to use 10 devices, 50 custom tunnels, a transfer limit of 500 MB / day, priority bandwidth and named tunnels.


Once you have signed up, you will get a link to your unique install URL which you need to type in Pi’s terminal. The rest of the process is automated and takes approximately 3-4 minutes to install. Do note that your device must already be connected to the internet (via Ethernet or WiFi) and be updated to the latest Raspbian operating system.

PiTunnel Setup Raspberry Pi


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