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DACBerry PRO – Professional Soundcard for Raspberry Pi


In the field of embedded audio solution we are already familiar with some of the popular add on boards , such as HiFIBerry, IQaudIO, JustBoom, PiSound and DACBerry One. From the creators of the latter comes a more powerful version named DACBerry PRO- A professional device that will bring you an incredible audio quality to your Raspberry Pi.

Features include the 384 kHz (yes, double 192 kHz) playback frequency thanks to the Burr Brown 32-bit DAC converter (Texas Instruments PCM5242). It has a balanced audio output (through an expansion module), as well as Phono / RCA and minijack outputs. The signal-to-noise ratio is 114db, with a harmonic distortion of -94db. With these numbers, we could perfectly integrate a Raspberry Pi project into a professional audio environment.

DACBerry Pro also incorporates physical volume control, a mini DSP, +/- 15V voltage regulator, isolated analogue and digital circuits, and a 3W stereo headset amplifier (TPA6120A2) capable of powering headphones from 4 to 600 Ohm impedance . It feeds directly from the Raspberry Pi, without the need for additional source.

It is compatible with Raspberry Pi A + / B + – 2B – 3B, Raspberry Pi Zero, Raspberry Pi Zero W, Asus Tinker Board and other plates, through the I2S protocol.

To learn more about the new DACBerry PRO head over to their @Kickstarter campaign for more details.

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